The 5 Best Portable Toilet (2020 Reviews & Guide)

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Portable toilets are toilets that can be moved. They are designed in a unique way that they do not need any sewage disposal. Some are small and only need one person to move, while others are big and need mechanical equipment to move.

There are several common types of portable toilets. In this article, we are going to focus on four different models. And I am going to help you choose the best portable toilet for each category.

  1. Chemical toilets 
  2. Composting toilets 
  3. Incineration toilet 
  4. Bucket toilets

Comparison Chart For The Best Portable Toilet

Type of the toiletBest Product 1st best feature 2nd best feature3rd best feature Editor rating
Chemical toilets Serenelife Outdoor Portable ToiletLarge reservoir Waste level indicator Double seal drain valve 4.0
Composting toilets Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet Takes the longest before emptying  It’s a chemical-free toiletIts hardware is stainless steel4.0
Bucket toilet Luggable Loo5-gallon bucketCheap Easy to dump and clean3.0
Incineration toilets Cinderella ToiletHigh capacityClean lines and quality finish  Ash level indicator4.5
The Best Portable Toilet Comparison Chart

Portable Toilets Reviews 

Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet 

Serenelife outdoor portable toilet is the best chemical toilet. It has a large tank of 5.3 gallons that gives you approximately 50 flushes. Besides many flushes, serene has a waste indicator that helps you know when it’s getting full.

Editor rating Serenelife Outdoor Overview 
4.05.3 waste gallon
4.03.5-gallon freshwater reservoir 
4.0Double seal drain valve
4.0Rotating vapor spout
3.5Portable toilet bag
Editor Rating For Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet

Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet Highlights 

Living in a van and wondering how far the next station to empty your ordinary stinking bucket is depressing. And that is how Serenelife’s outdoor toilet comes in handy.  Chemical toilets don’t smell. It breaks the waste under the drain valve to keep the smell at bay. 

Serenelife portable toilet is the best chemical toilet. It has a pump flush; hence you don’t have to separate the liquid from the waste.

It is easy to use and requires no effort or skill to use. Another attractive feature is the vast reservoir that can go up to a week without emptying. 

What I like 

  • It’s the ability to show when it’s about to get full.
  • It is sturdy and closes tight.
  •  It has a double seal drain valve. 
  • You can use it as a secondary seat in a van.
  • It has a rotating pour spout in the wastewater to make it easy to clean.

What I don’t like 

  • It is expensive 
  • It is not easy to repair if it spoils 
Pros Cons
Large reservoir It is expensive 
Double sealed indicator Not easy to repair 
Piston flush pump
Handle on the reservoir 
Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet Pros And Cons

Nature’s Self Contained Portable Toilet

Composting toilets are environmentally friendly. Just like the name suggests, composting toilets use the natural way to decompose and evaporate human waste.  

The final residue, after decomposition, does not contain any pathogens or viruses. They are broken down, and you can use them as fertilizer in a plant garden. 

The best composting toilet is Nature’s Self-Contained Toilet.

Editor Rating Nature’s Self-Contained Toilet Overview
4.5Molded seat 
4.0All stainless hardware
4.0Mountable handles on either side
4.028lbs when empty
Editor Rating For Nature’s Self-Contained Toilet

Nature’s self Contained Highlights

  • Suitable for any Weather Condition

Even though it is the most expensive, it is worth every penny. It is a 5-gallon composting toilet that can withstand any harsh outdoor conditions. 

  • It is a stain-free and durable toilet.

While other toilets are likely to rust, you don’t have to worry about that when using Nature’s Self Contained toilet.

  • Odor-Free

Even if you are using it in an enclosed space, you don’t have to worry about the smell. The fan and the vent hose will make sure that the toilet does not let any odor.

What I like 

  • Its decomposing functions
  • Easy to empty 
  • Do not leak any odors
  • It has an appealing design

What I don’t like 

  • It is costly
  • Requires electricity to function

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
Stainless steel exterior It’s expensive 
It can separate urineNot the best to use for tall people 
It’s durable 
Fan and vent that helps keep odor at bay.
Can be portable 
Nature’s Self-Contained Toilet Pros And Cons

Luggable Loo Toilet 

Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Snap On Toilet Seat Lid With Bucket ...

Just like the name suggests, this type of portable toilet is as simple as it sounds.

It is the most popular in its category. It has a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat and a lead.

Editor rating Bucket Toilet Overview 
4.5 5-gallon bucket
4.0 Toilet seat and a lead.
Editor Rating For Luggable Loo Toilet

Luggable Loo Highlights 

  • When used together Reliance Doodle Bags, you don’t have to worry about cleaning. And, it is easy to dispose of the waste.
  • It is a 5-gallon bucket with a seat, making it great for any outdoor activities such as fishing and camping.
  • It is cheap and reliable; hence, best for disaster preparedness.

What I like 

  • It is the cheapest in this least.
  • It is 100% portable 
  • Easy to dump the waste 

What I don’t like 

It is not the best for travelers. Even though it has a large bucket, in an enclosed space, it can be unbearable due to smell. 

Pros Cons 
Budget-friendlyIt can smell
DIY potential Do not have a tight seal 
Easy to dump You must  separate urine and waste to avoid the smell 
Easy to carry Ideal for one-time use due to smell
Luggable Loo Toilet Pros And Cons

Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet

Incineration toilets are best in the way they do not need water to flush.

Once you flush the toilet, the waste goes to the incinerator, and the debris burns to sterile ash.

The best incineration toilet is Cinderella Toilet 

Editor rating Overview 
*****Propane gas to burn the waste.
*****Has a capacity of up to 10 people 
****Ventilation duct pipe 
Editor Rating For Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet

Cinderella Comfort Highlights 

  • Cinderella operates on propane gas, burns organic waste products into ash. 
  • It is, therefore, perfect for all outdoor fans and travelers.  
  • It is ecologically friendly. Do not need water to flush.

What I like 

  • You don’t need electricity to operate 
  • Childproof 
  • It is easy to empty the ash container 
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • No odors 
  • A total waste solution

What I don’t like 

  • Expensive 
Pros Cons 
You don’t need electricity to operate Costly 
Easy to  empty the ash container  
Large capacity. Can be used by up to 10 persons
No odor 
Simple installation 
Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet Pros And Cons

Buyers Guide: What To Look For When Buying A Portable Toilet?

If you are an outdoor lover, either van life or camping is exciting until the need for a call of nature arises. Finding a clean public toilet can be challenging, and thus, the portable toilet comes in handy. This article will help you choose the best portable toilet to fit your needs.

Portable toilets come in different types, designs, and features. 

In this article, we have featured four types of portable toilets.

Chemical or Cassette Portable Toilet

They use chemicals to reduce odors. 

Key Features 

  • Two separate tanks 
  • They consist of two separate tanks, one for fresh water to flush the waste and the other for the waste products. 
  • Odor-Free
  • Vast reservoir

They are suitable for van dwellers as they do not smell and can stay longer before emptying.

Easy to use

  • They are easy to use since they operate as an ordinary home toilet. 

What to Look For In a Chemical Portable Toilet

  1. The storage capacity and the appropriate size to fit your space

With limited space in your van, you want something small that won’t occupy much space in your van. 

Since most chemical toilets have a sturdy lid, you can use it as an extra seat or table. It is, therefore, useful to consider the appropriate height to fit these needs. 

  1. How long or how many people are going to use the toilet before you get a dumpsite

If you are looking for a toilet that can take long before filling, serenelife cassette toilet is the best. It contains a 5-gallon water tank that can last you a week without emptying. 

  1. Weight 

A 5-gallon tank filled with chemical is without a doubt heavy. If you don’t like lifting heavy weights, consider looking for a smaller gallon tank like 2.5 or 3 gallons. If weight is your number one priority, you can consider purchasing Thetford 260B. 

The Key Features To Look For In A Chemical Portable Toilet

  1. Flush nozzle 

For the best cleaning functions, a three-way nozzle is better than a single sprout for the best cleaning results.

  1. Handles 

It is good to buy a chemical toilet with a carry handle to make it easy when carrying it to the dumpsite.

  1. Emptying spout

An easy-to-pour spout makes your emptying exercise an easy task.

  1. Lid lock 

 A portable chemical toilet should have a tight lid lock and gasket between the lower and the upper tank to prevent smell. 

  1. Colored level indicator

It is to help you know when the toilet is about to be filled.

  1. Pump flush

Some chemicals toilets use a pump flush while others will use a battery-powered flush.

Following all these features, SereneLife Cassette Toilet is the best chemical toilet.

What to Look For In a Composing Toilet 

Composting toilets naturally decompose the human waste material into 90% water, which then evaporates into the atmosphere. The remaining solid waste then converts to fertilizers.

  1. Electrical services 

Some composting toilets use electricity, and others don’t.

  1. Space available 

Composting toilets require a bigger space than chemical toilets.

  1. Composting toilet supplies 

All types of composting toilets require composting bulk medium such as sawdust, peat moss. You must make sure you have one of these composting media.

Composting Toilet Key Features  

  • It can take you 4-6 weeks before replacing the waste receptacle
  • The water reservoir is opaque, and hence, you can tell when it’s getting full
  • Stainless steel exterior and durability 
  • Odor-free

Why We Chose Nature’s Head 

  • Nature’s Head composting toilet requires a small space compared to others
  • Its more durable 
  • Has an appealing design 
  • Do not leak odors 

What to Look For When Buying a Bucket Portable Toilet 

As the name suggests, they are that simple, a bucket with a seat and a lead. 

  1. Tight lid

Even though this is not the best choice for travelers, if the lid is not tight enough, you will experience a horrible smell. Also, it can get messy when driving since the bucket is likely to squash. 

  1. The size of the bucket

If you are going camping with the entire family or friends, you will all need the bucket loo, and hence a large bucket can save the day.

  1. Sawdust or peat moss

To keep the smell at bay, you will require using sawdust or peat moss, and hence you must consider the availability of either.  

Bucket Toilet Key Features 

  • A tight lid
  • A large bucket 

Why We Chose Luggable Loo

  • It is a 5-gallon bucket
  • It has a tight lid 

What to Look For In Incineration Toilets 

Incineration toilets are the best for ecology purposes. It uses incinerators to burn and sterilize the organic waste into ashes.

  1. Capacity 

It’s good to look for an incineration toilet that is likely to serve you longer.

  1. Ash indicator 

Most incinerator toilets do not have this function. Getting one is a win.

  1. Childproof

Getting a childproof incineration toilet is useful, especially if you have children.

Why We Chose Cinderella Comfort 

  • Cinderella comes with an information display for operations. 
  • It has the largest capacity compared to others.
  • It childproof and approved by NEMKO.

Portable Toilets FAQs

Chemical toilets

Questions and answers 

Q1 How do I keep my porta potty from freezing? 

Answer: buy and use RV wastewater and flush water environmentally safe product from an RV supplier

Q2. How do I treat the toilet so it can be left for weeks?

Answer: Use a proper amount of chemicals 

Composting Toilets 

Q1: Can you use a toilet paper in composting toilet?

You can use tissue in a composting toilet, but marine or RV papers are the best since they decompose quickly.

Bucket toilet 

Q1: How do you use a bucket toilet?

Incineration Toilet 

Q1: How much does it cost to run an incineration toilet?

Answer: Between $1499-1879, and 28 cents per cycle for the system.

Q2: How much does a Cinderella incineration toilet cost?

Answer: Starts at $ 4695 for the standard unit.


Choosing the best toilet in these categories will entirely depend on personal needs. If you are looking for the cheapest product to suit your needs, that’s where the bucket Luggable Loo comes in handy. However, if you are looking for the most efficient, Cinderella portable toilet is the best of all, but the most expensive.

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